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Day two of school wifi fucking up and not blocking anything.

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Some family friends made a movie. Watch it.

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Tumblr is blocked at my school for ‘Adult Material’.

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when you try to find pictures for drawing

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Decided to draw my Animal Crossing character. The background looks so stupid. Yeah yeah, I know today all the snow melted and stuff. It’s not my fault I finished it on February 25th!

Something I drew a while ago… never really got a lot of attention.

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A story.

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Almost done getting my cosplay together for this dork. All I need now is for my wig to ship in from Hong Kong so I can style it and, presto.

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harvest-the-moon's MEGA GIVEAWAY!!




((sorry for bad photo quality))

So basically, I’ve decided to give away three games because I don’t them anymore, or I have two copies ((cough cough animal crossing))

So, what you need to do to win these games is:

-Follow me ((don’t unfollow me afterwords please!))

-Reblog this post…

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My life is really stressful right now… some vent art.

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Request for a fanfiction cover, by dumbartstuff. I’m sorry I made you wait soo long, but thank you so much for your patience. this is not even my best drawing, but I love their expression.

Hope it looks good as your cover.


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if you ever feel bad about your follower count just imagine that amount of people in your room with you and think about how uncomfortable you would be

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My brother just sent me this video and told me to listen to it.

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Just a Bit Sweeter - Wattpad

Going to post the new chapter around four in the afternoon. If you haven’t checked it out, give it a read! Hope you enjoy.

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A warm-up drawing of Byomangemon, an OC I guess?!